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Better for Whom?

Okay, I really need to address the recent volume of gay teen suicides–at least the kids and the families garnering attention in the mainstream and gaystream media…

October 2010
Moving In


I was moving some stuff over to my girlfriend’s apartment over the weekend because I stay there quite a bit and we are trying to consolidate and eliminate…

June 2010

Dykes R Us

There is a yearlong series of events in NYC sponsored by the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the City University of New York Graduate Center…

March 2010

At Home In The Big Apple

Marie-Claire Martineau and Elaine Comerford make New York City a home away from home for newcomers…

March 2010

Enter Laughing

There are two issues I want to address in this post: sex and humorless lesbians. I find that the better a dyke’s sense of humor, the better the sex. This is certainly the case with me and my girl. She’s a comedic playwright with a twisted sense of humor and…

March 2010