Have A Sick Friend?

When a member of our community becomes sick or is injured, the natural tendency is to to say "let me know what I can do" because, well, we want to know what we can do.

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In a Bind Over Chest Health

In A Bind Over Chest Health

As a masculine presenting person with a huge rack (aka butch with boobs) I’ve tried all the traditional methods for making my chest look smaller.

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Winter Strategies

Fighting off the "Here comes winter" blues.

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Dating Lessons From The GLMA Conference

Five Dates Healthier Than A Bar

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The Primary Problem

How LGBT folks can find a medical home.

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A Field Guide To Safer Poking

We don't give up on a fad"¦just because it's a fad!

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Medical Self Advocacy

Power to the not so patient people.

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shoveling snow

Three Ways to Fight Back The Winter Blues

It's that time of year, again.

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Seven Super Sexy Facts Queers Need To Know

The Affordable Care Act, The End of Open Enrollment, and Getting Help to Sign Up.

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A Cause For Better Health

I talked with Liz Margolies, the founder and executive director of the National LGBT Cancer Network about their Behind Closed Drawers Project:

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