coming outRoxy was straight, married with children , but wanted to sleep with a woman

This is their journey: 

GIA: I knew Jack was pulling out the best of what he had on their anniversary. I knew that he had sensed something just wasn’t right with Roxy. I also knew that he was taking his gorgeous wife out for dinner and treating her to a special evening. He had every right, it was their anniversary, and she was his wife for god’s sake. He started doing things that was out of the ordinary. A planned hot date and dinner was one of them. I was worried. How can I compete with seven years!

ROXY: I had the typical itch – boredom at all ends. My relationship with Jack felt like it was at a complete standstill. Despite having two gorgeous kids and a beautiful friendship, we were going nowhere. It didn’t matter how many times we updated the ‘list’, you know, the list of all the things you want from each other and the things that are important to you as a person. I was tired of re-writing ‘our’ list. I couldn’t do our stand still any longer. I was experiencing a ‘midlife moment’, while raising two young kids, where you wake up and think, I need to explore something completely radical – I needed adventure. I envisaged V8 Supercar lessons, but then somehow the woman idea got planted in my head. And well, I really couldn’t see the difference.

GIA: I couldn’t sleep that night. I was completely wired. Driving myself insane wondering if Roxy was having sex with her husband. Doesn’t that sound strange? Is my girlfriend having sex with her husband!? I never had an issue with Roxy and Jack having sex whilst we were having an affair. The guilt I carried had me feeling that WE were in the wrong and if a husband wants to have sex with his wife and vice versa, its only natural right? I had no right to an opinion on their relationship. As difficult as it was, I had to let her go through her own transformation in her own time. And if that includes sex with Jack, then so be it.

ROXY: Gia was supposed to be a one-night-fling, but that was impossible. I was wooed by her presence. She was passionate, charming, strong, loving, capable, feisty, and smart. Not to mention, she loved kids. She was everything I look for in a partner. Suddenly, I had to open myself up to the possibility of a life with her. That was never in my original plan.

GIA: Friends told me to forget her and move on.  They told me I was crazy. “You are the only one that’s going to get hurt out of this situation”.  “She will never leave her husband”. That night, the same night she was celebrating her seven year anniversary with Jack, I had decided to let her go. Doubt won me over. Despite spending several hours discussing living our lives together – several hours could NEVER compare to seven years!

ROXY: I received numerous text messages from Gia on the night of my anniversary concerned that I wasn’t going to leave my husband. And that maybe we were better off letting go. She was filled with so much disbelief. And although I was falling for her, I had the weight of the world on my shoulders as I maneuvered my way through this affair with a family in tow. It wasn’t as simple as changing post codes. That night I told her to go and do whatever she needed. I just had to take some of the pressure off. In my mind, I was going to come running after her no matter what. The next day I woke up in tears. I was inconsolable. This made me realize I had to make a change and fast.