Young Kaii

An openly lesbian artist Young Kaii who has gained recognition


Born October 8, 1987 Young Kaii, formerly known as K Star, is a talented openly lesbian rapper who fell in love with hip hop at a very young age. Writing her first verse at fourteen, Kaii discovered rapping and writing as a way for her to release the stress of a not-so-perfect home environment. Using her life experiences as a driving force, she began to turn the negativity of having hustling brothers and poverty stricken parents into lyrical masterpieces, which are found on her reputation-making mix-tapes. Young Kaii is an individual that embraces who she is without placing restrictions on her music. Creating lyrical master pieces with such passion and dedication it serves as fuel and the driving force be hide her movement. Young Kaii pushes through the obstacles placed before her to shatter the glass ceiling others often allow to keep them down. Young Kaii strives to be different yet creative which flows through the lyrics she writes. Diversity is what Young Kaii aims for with her style of music, growth is what she wants to have as an artist and unity is her desire for all. Supporting, encouraging and influencing others through her music are Young Kaii’s goals. For Young Kaii, there are no limits!

Recognizing that the artist she had become was not ultimately the artist she wanted to be and leaving behind recommendations for a different path, Young Kaii transitioned taking charge to steer her own career. Being led by a deep desire for creating music her way Young Kaii has since become the necessary addition in the arena of Rap and Hip-hop heard today.

Young Kaii has built a platform in which fans and supporters alike can see the originality, passion and drive of an artist who is driven by something much deeper than fame. Self-proclaiming herself as the new LGBT artist of the year Young Kaii’s climb has met mass support outside and inside the LGBTQ community. In the midst of creating her debut album Young Kaii has appeared in features nationally and internationally from mainstream media outlets to locally known publications.

With an attitude of gratitude and strong belief of using her spotlight to feel others with encouragement, motivation and positive influence Young Kaii the artist has become a key part of uniting the community.

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