Top 10 Albums Every Lesbian Must Own


Chloe Liked Olivia, Two Nice Girls: Because from Kathy Korniloff’s insightful “Eleven,” to Meg Hentges’ tear-jerker “Throw It All Away,” to Pam Barger’s salient “Swimming in Circles” and Gretchen Phillips’ lesbian rocker “The Queer Song,” Chloe Liked Olivia is a magnificently entertaining collection.

Self-Titled, Melissa Etheridge: Because there will never a greater song of anguish than “Like the Way I Do.” Also, hello, it’s Etheridge’s first album. Duh!

Blue, Joni Mitchell: Because “A Case of You” will always be one of the most poignant, heart-rending songs in the annals of modern music.

Self-Titled, Tracy Chapman: Critics and music fans barely knew how to react when they heard “Fast Car.” A sigh went ’round the world: “Oh my, this song blows me away. Who is that singing?”

Little Earthquakes, Tori Amos: Because every single song on it is absolutely stunning. Enough said.

Self-Titled, Indigo Girls: Because, although it’s actually their second album, this is the one that really started it all for Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. The harmonies, the guitars and the magic of this album’s 10 songs make it relevant and poignant, 20 years after its release.

When I Was A Boy, Jane Siberry: Because this is perhaps my favorite album of all time, by one of the most divine songwriters ever to roam this earth. Siberry has an otherworldly voice and a way with words that sets her apart.

Freedom, Melissa Ferrick: Because the title track is succinctly liberating and three songs later Ferrick lashes out with the in-your-face “Some Kinda Nerve” “Drive,” could steam up windows in Antarctica.

Hymns of the 49th Parallel, k.d. lang: Lang brings to light the songwriting brilliance of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Jane Siberry, Bruce Cockburn and Leonard Cohen, to name some of her fellow Canadians featured on 49th.  If I had to choose one song as the centerpiece of this record, it would be lang’s interpretation of Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

Dilate, Ani DiFranco: Because “Napoleon” is brilliant, “Amazing Grace” is brilliant, “Shameless” is very brilliant and who hasn’t belted out the delightful refrain of “Fuck You (Untouchable Face)” more times that you can shake a stick at?

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