Santa Claus Comes Out


Turns out “Santa Baby” is a much jollier fellow than we thought! Premiering last friday, Santa Claus Is Coming Out, winner of the Best of the National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival award and presented by New York’s Diverse City Theater Company, Penguin Rep Theatre and Shotgun Productions is a hilarious look at the orientation of one of the most beloved cultural icons—and subsequent the reactions from a shocked world.

This theatrical mock-u-mentary, written and staring award-winning actor and writer Jeffery Solomon, exposes audiences to the truth behind the “Santa-gate scandal” and is set against a backdrop many of us will recognize: the debate about the appropriateness of LGBT people being role models for American children. Solomon was inpired by the real life examples of gay teachers and others who work with children being discriminated against, “I wanted to find a way to explore this level of fear around gay issues and children. Which brought me to Santa Claus, the most beloved and trusted childhood figure of all. What if he were a gay man? Would people be willing to cancel Christmas, as we know it, rather than let the red suited homosexual into their homes and hearts? Would Santa Claus, merely because of his newly revealed sexual orientation, somehow be perceived as no longer having the best interests of the child at heart, but as a tool of the 'Gay agenda?' “

The comedy features a host of characters including: Sidney Green, as Gary who asks Santa for a Sparkle Dream Princess doll. "This is clearly a gay affair, and changes everything you thought you knew about Christmas," explains Solomon.

What about Mrs. Claus you ask? “Mrs. Claus, Santa's beard, is a third rate actress hired by Santa’s agent to protect the Coca Cola image. Santa Claus’s true love is Giovanni Geppetto, a strapping Italian toymaker, the great-great-great-great grandson of Pinocchio.”

Will the religious right succeeded in convincing America that Santa is nothing more than a tool of the Gay Agenda that must be stopped? Will Christmas as we know it be changed forever? 

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