Lilith Fair Returns


After a 11-year hiatus, Lilith Fair, the incredibly popular women's music festival makes it's return this summer, thanks to the woman who started it all, Sarah McLachlan. McLachlan invented, promoted and produced Lilith Fair in 1996, and has shown that she has the brains, will and stamina to resurrect the event. Kudos to Sarah—and her great abs! So far, over thirty cities have been revealed for the 2010 festival, with more to be announced.

Lilith Fair provides an opportunity to hear music we already love, and challenges us to discover new musicians whose words and music resonate inside us—all within a venue that is inevitably fem-centric and empowering. If you are a musician, like I am, what could be a better source of inspiration to pick up the guitar that lazes laconically in the corner of your den? Just when we begin to wonder about our roots, and those who pioneered our progress, Lilith Fair is back to remind us.

I have a few bones to pick when it comes to the line-up, (would someone please pull Lauryn Hill out from under the radar?), but honestly, there’s a slew of female talent slated to perform at the festival—most of whom are jaw-droppingly good, like Mary J. Blige, Sheryl Crow, Colbie Caillat, Erykah Badu, Tegan and Sara, Miranda Lambert and Metric.

I am going specifically to see and hear Lissie perform. Her song, “Little Lovin’” makes me ache for things I never knew I wanted. I also plan to check out the ebullient, Jill Scott, who, with her genuine, angelic smile and warm and honeyed vocals always makes me feel at home. And don’t hold it against me, but I am going to see Loretta Lynn—because damn it, it’s Loretta Lynn! I’m especially looking forward to seeing, first hand, the career resurrection Lynn has experienced that came in the form of the touching, if kitschy, “Portland, Oregon” duet with Jack White (of the White Stripes).

With all the excitement surrounding this year’s tour, one thing is clear: Lilith Fair lives on because women want it. Who wouldn’t want to go to a music festival and be surrounded by talented, successful and energized women who are brazenly doing what they love and supporting themselves in the process? It’s more than encouraging. It’s sexy. It’s intoxicating.

So, are you coming?

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