Odalys Nanin Gets Naked


Sexy theatre maven, Odalys Nanin has done it all, the founder of the only Latina owned lesbian theater company, Macha Theater, Nanin has written, directed and even starred in many lesbian-centric plays. Adding to a rich and varied career, Nanin will soon be the first gay woman to ever produce the long-running off-Broadway musical revue, Naked Boys Singing!; premiering Sept. 17. Although this is a true milestone in her career, Nanin remains as down to earth as ever —a refreshing thing to find in Hollywood. Curve got a chance to talk to the Cuban beauty in between getting ready for Naked Boys, and finishing the script for her new play, Naked in the Tropics, scheduled to hit the stage next year.

Why were you interested in producing Naked Boys?
First the music is really good, the songs are really funny and it’s fun, it’s fun to watch. Also I see the human body as art. These guys, although they’re naked, they’re gorgeous; they’re like [Michelangelo’s] “David,” but David singing and dancing. They’re very talented, you have to be very talented, you know it’s not easy to get up there, sing, dance and be naked if you think about it.

Who is the audience for this show?
I wanted to attract not only the gay boys, but I want to attract the straight women to come see it, because it’s kind of like a Chippendales vibe. That’s the way I see it. And I like to have a different mixture of people come to the theater. I don’t just do one thing all the time, you know? I like to mix and mash.

How does it feel to not only be the first woman to produce this play, but also the first lesbian?
It’s so cool. It’s been challenging, but I think it’s going to be good, so I’m going forward. I go with my gut feeling, you know? I trust it and I go [for it] when I decide to do something, and I think it’s going to be very successful.

What do you think you will be changing or doing with it?
I’m going to be involved in the casting so I would definitely make decisions…pick the ones I like the best. It will be a collaboration between [the director] and I, in terms of that. The posters and everything will be a collaboration. He’ll get to do the rehearsals and stuff like that, but the actual look of the play, the actual production of, it falls on me.

What do you want Curve readers to know about Naked Boys?
Come see it. [Laughs] Come in with a group because it’s more fun as a group. Come in a group to see the play because it’s really hysterical. In the first 15 minutes, your like, “wow,” you can’t believe they’re naked, they’re singing and dancing. Then after the 15 minutes, it’s no big deal anymore because you start to listen to the actual songs and lyrics and music, and you start appreciating the talent. That’s what I like about it, that you kind of like forget they’re naked because after all we we’re born naked. We’re so closeted about our own body, we find so many defects with it that, to see someone have the guts to go up there and be naked is kind of cool.

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