The King

She'll have you wondering...


You could call her a professional gender bender, male illusionist.  Or you could just call Jamie Kalman, aka Spikey Van Dykey, one of the most standout drag kings to hit the stage in recent years.


What started 11 years ago in a small town in Alabama at a  local gay bar called The Quest, has now turned into "Spikey and the After Midnites", a crew headed up by Kalman,  bringing the finest in innovative and artistic drag productions. She says she's striving to make a name for drag kings worldwide by leading as an example.


"My ultimate goal is to put drag kings on the map with the drag queens, and prove that we can be just as fierce, and perform alongside them, as we should in the gay community," she says.  "It has been an intense struggle, but I feel as if we have made a movement."


And speaking of moves, this performer delivers.  Once at a venue, it takes up to two hours, to get in "full Spikey" mode. In addition to coiffing the signature hair do, this involves taping and shading her chest, applying fake nipples, adding facial hair, "a package", sometimes body paint, and a dapper or edgy costume made by, yes, Kalman.  She's also gained a huge following by shedding the top part of that costume during the show, and going bare-chested. 


Kalman says her show is really a therapeutic art form filled with passion and potential. She's played alongside Kristy Lee, The Genetorturers, Hunter Valentine, Goddess & She, Mary Lambert, and Jojo as well as the cast members of the hit series "The Real L Word" and Leisha Hailey from the Original L Word cast.


"Spikey will pull you on stage with him, take you on his journey, shock you, inspire you, leave you wondering what's next, show you his deepest moments, make you laugh, turn you on, have you question your sexuality, and make you wonder why you didn't come to a show sooner," she says.


Keep an eye out for upcoming performances especially in the near future as Kalman plans to expand to "After Midnite Productions"  where her shows will also feature circus performers, burlesque, aerialists, drag queens, and go-go dancers. 


Our kind of royalty. 


Here is a little bit of Spikey Van Dykey:


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