Feb 10, 2010
04:34 PM

Sock Sex

Sock Sex

People often think having sex wearing socks is not sexy. And it’s kinda not, but it is really funny and what’s more fun than having sex and laughing at the same time?

And, if you’re prone to fetishes, you can even have a stock of socks to match your sex toys.

In any case, my girlfriend and I often catch ourselves in a sexual scenario where we are totally naked except for our socks. And it makes us laugh and also question whether we need to take them off or not.

But, we live on the East Coast after all and winters here are pretty chilly. And Brooklyn apartments, which we both have, are notoriously unreliable in terms of heat during the cold weather.  However, if we’re already in the middle of sex, what’s the point of taking them off? Except we obviously feel self-conscious about it or it would not even come up as an issue.

What’s so great about the concept of sock sex, is you can use it as a barometer to help tell if you’re in the right relationship or not -- kind of like the farting thing I wrote about a few posts ago.  If your lover puts the brakes on sex in the heat of the moment, and makes a face about the socks too many times, it might be a sign that she is a bit humorless.  And it’s great opportunity for you to check in: have your had laughing (screaming) sex, is laughing during sex “allowed”?  

If you both despise the socks during sex - you might be a terrific match for each other!

Then there are the various  types of socks: sweat socks are certainly a different animal indeed from fishnets (or nylon hose as we called them back in the day) which traditionally are seen as sexy, as well as the removal of them. But, what if those fishnets stay on and get all crumpled around the ankles?  That’s definitely the ultimate funny sock sex moment!

And in terms of hot sex moves, it is sometimes necessary, for example, to wear athletic shoes (with our without socks) to get traction when you are pounding your lover’s pussy with a strap-on!

Perhaps people could set sock sex goals such as I’m gonna do it in hospital booties, I’m gonna do it in dress socks, I'm gonna do it in... whatever your preference.

Smelly socks...hmmmm not so fun or funny to me and my girl, but people with fetishes might really enjoy this! I’m not judging.

Finally, I’d like to take a poll about a several comments I’ve heard about sock sex. Please indulge me here and vote:

1.    Who really cares, it’s sex after all!  
2.    Socks are too silly to be sexy, a real turn-off.
3.    My feet are cold -- who cares?
4.    It’s not important to take them off, especially if you’re in a rush.
5.    It's soxy! But, always remember to practice safe socks!


Blogger Bio: Stephanie Schroeder is a dreamer, wanderer and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She likes to exchange apartments with artists and other interesting folks from around the globe and travel in search of new friends and singular experiences. She makes purple a way of life and also fancies green, purple’s complementary color on the color wheel. (stephanieschroeder.com)

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