Aug 18, 2010
01:52 PM

Giving Back

Giving Back

Dear Readers,

I recently received a beautiful personal note from one reader who said, in part, “You are doing an excellent job at relating your life experience and opinions without contemplating our own ego/intellect and without indulging and posing yourself as a victim (of society, of your illness, of your sexuality ...).

I hope this is true. I certainly try my very best!

And, I rely on Curve readers. Period. Whether you all agree with me or not, find my musings, assertions and contemplations thoughtful, provocative, encouraging or what-have-you, I need you. Because without readers two things happen to a journalist: 1) we simply write into the void and for futility’s sake, and/or 2) the writer’s column gets axed.

I don’t want either to happen.

So, I want to take this opportunity to say, Hello there readers, I’m glad you are reading and hopefully are moved, angered, provoked, encouraged, enraged or anything you want or need to take away from my words. I am especially grateful to those who post comments at the end of my blog posts and send personal notes; it’s always good to know people “out there” are interested enough to write, whether you concur with me or not. A range of opinions is a good thing.

I also want to take this opportunity to say that I hope you will support Curve Magazine in our endeavor to raise funds in order to stay alive. This year is our 20th anniversary, no small feat in a lesbian media landscape where much media and lesbian media in particular has died agonizing deaths. We are the only national lesbian magazine still publishing 20 years later. I’d like to think we can survive the odds, and we will with your help!

Below are two ways you can help:

• Buy a subscription (or renew your existing one!) Get Curve for yourself or your girlfriend (or your sister or mother: both of mine have a subscription of their own!)

• Send Curve a donation. Vote for lesbian media with your wallet. We’ve made it easy. (I’ve chipped in, now how about you?)

Note: Donations are not tax deductible, but we cannot continue publishing without them. Please help us keep lesbian publishing alive by donating today. Any amount will help us. Thank you!

And, if you care to drop me a personal note, I’m more than happy to read what you are thinking about. You can reach me via email at


Blogger Bio: Stephanie Schroeder is a dreamer, wanderer and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She likes to exchange apartments with artists and other interesting folks from around the globe and travel in search of new friends and singular experiences. She makes purple a way of life and also fancies green, purple’s complementary color on the color wheel. (

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