Wynonna Earp

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    About more than coming out More than stereotypes Cast & crew LGBTQ+
    About more than coming out Characters not reduced to stereotypes Cast & Crew are LGBTQ+
Wynonna Earp 2016 Pass Pass Star

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This show is campy and fun. It was on SyFy channel.
One of the main characters, Waverly Earp, falls in love with the new deputy, Nicole Haught.
Their love story throughout the series is wonderful. Show ran 2016-2021, and I think it’s coming back in 2024.
Their love story is EVERYTHING.
It should be required lesbian viewing.
The actress, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, who played Waverly Earp, is non-binary and genderfluid. The actress Katherine Barrell, who played Nicole Haught, is bisexual.
They were colliqually referred to as “Wayhaught” online. 🙂

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