The Hours

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    About more than coming out More than stereotypes Cast & crew LGBTQ+
    About more than coming out Characters not reduced to stereotypes Cast & Crew are LGBTQ+
The Hours 2002 Pass Pass Star

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This beautiful film shows the lives of three queer women in different points in history. It shows real life British writer Virginia Woolf, whose own writing describing her relationships with women during the Victorian era, was used to portray her double life. Mrs Dalloway, the modern women is shown to be living a fairly average life with her wife and daughter in NYC. The parallels with each story shows how each woman is a product of the society they live in as well as their own personal strengths.

The director, Stephan Daldry is bisexual and the author of the novel David Cunningham is gay. I wish there were more queer representation in the cast but this film was made 20 years ago, so..

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