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    About more than coming out More than stereotypes Cast & crew LGBTQ+
    About more than coming out Characters not reduced to stereotypes Cast & Crew are LGBTQ+
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Steven Universe is groundbreaking for queer representation in animation/children’s television; not only do the main characters explore themes of nonbinary womanhood and gender fluidity, but the series creator emphasized queer representation in the show’s cast and crew. Characters explore non-heteronormative family dynamics, lesbian relationships, trauma, and growing up, all within a story inspired by “magical girl,” themes and tropes. The series creator, Rebecca Sugar, identifies as nonbinary, bisexual, and genderfluid.

  1. The show does a lot to normalize non-hetero relationships for a young audience. I’m really happy to see it getting the recognition that it deserves!

    - FP March 25, 2022
  2. I am SO happy to see Steven Universe on this list!

    - JS March 25, 2022

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