My First Gay Pride Parade

For an older lesbian, one historic Gay Pride parade—and Harvey Milk—was enough to set her on her own course…

June 2017

The Rabbi In The Basement

An older lesbian reflects on same-sex marriage in Michigan, and rushing to get married before the attorney general appealed the case…

February 2017

Gay-Friendly Housing Options For Elders: SAGE Housing Initiatives (Part 3)

In part two, long-lived lesbian Cheryl G. described her hopes to move into new gay-friendly housing in New York State. Under the new housing initiative, SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders) will offer LGBT cultural programming and services to residents of two buildings: the Crotona Senior Residences, in the Bronx, and the Ingersoll Senior Residences (ISR), in Brooklyn…

August 2016