Birthday Season

We have no one to blame but ourselves. We knew what we were doing. And we were smart enough to do the math. We just weren’t optimistic that things were going to work out first time, twice…

September 2020
rainbow fertility

Rainbow Fertility Now Has A Healthy Bank Of Donor Sperm Available For Patients

One of the first things an individual, or couple, undergoing fertility treatment, who may require donor sperm, will need to do is select a sperm donor, whether that be from a “known-donor” (personally know and have an existing relationship with the donor) or a “clinic-recruited donor” (identity unknown to the person undergoing treatment)…

September 2020

The Bully Project

The Bully Project; How a lesbian boxer taught a little girl to fight back…

July 2020
hope cuba

Same Sex Family Wins Legal Recognition In Cuba

Cuban families come in many forms, and for the first time in history Cuba’s Civil Registry has issued a birth certificate recognizing two same sex parents. Paulo, son of Dachelys, a Cuban psychologist, and Hope, a US anthropologist, was born in Florida in May 2019…

June 2020