Finally, It Has Happened to Me

Finals over and apartment haphazardly moved into storage, I loaded up my Subaru with every cute work outfit I owned and drove to my summer internship in San Francisco. Nervous to start my first day of work, I woke up early, got out the Fling—my new favorite sex toy—and engaged… Read more »

August 2010

Curve Pride

To be honest, Pride parties aren’t usually my thing. I’m out and proud and about as gay as they get all year long, so it’s hard to justify spending twice as much to see the same people dance to the same music in the same bar I go to every… Read more »

July 2010

Formally The Same

In some ways, law school is exactly like high school. You have the same cliques – the partiers, the nerds, the over-achievers—and the same clubs—student government, future business-people, Christian society. We worry about the same things—where we’re getting drunk on Friday night, who’s sleeping with whom, what we’re going to… Read more »

April 2010

First Kisses

“The first kiss is where you get to know someone. And every kiss after that is a shadow of that first one.” –Betty Draper, Mad Men My very first kiss was in preschool for a popsicle. I don’t remember the kiss much, but I do remember the popsicle. Then there… Read more »

March 2010