A Catch-Up With Whitney Mixter

We have a gossip sesh with The Real L Word’s favorite leading lady. Plus, find out how to win season two on DVD!


Photos by Warwick Saint/SHOWTIME

With season two of Showtime's hit (and controversial) series The Real L Word hitting DVD shelves, it was the perfect time to catch up with lesbian leading lady Whitney Mixter to find out the latest on the lesbian (possibly reformed) lothario. The always forthcoming Mixter gave us the goods on her relationship status with Sara, the latest on Cori and Kacy's baby-making mission and hints of what's to come in season three of The Real L Word.

What was your experience of watching the second season of the show?
I watched it as it was coming out because I blog about it, but I haven’t gotten back to it. I’m moving forward and looking ahead as opposed to things that have happened in the past. Not to say I won’t have the DVD as a collection to show the grandkids, but I’m looking forward right now.

As season two ended you were kind of seeing Sara. What has happened since?
A lot has changed I will tell you that much. I don’t know how much I should give away but I will tell you this – there’s definitely a 180 that’s been done. I’m actually pulling the relationship out and Sara and I are giving it a full-blown effort. I’m really happy, honestly.



So can we officially call Sara your girlfriend?
She’s my girlfriend. Yes, indeed. We’re very much in love and trying to learn as we go. We’re both willing to grow and learn from it, and put in the effort and work that needs to be done to make a relationship work. I think it’s the first time we’ve put down our guard and our pride and made a shot at it so it’s going really well.

What else have you been up to since the second season wrapped?
I’ve been travelling around so much, and we’ve taken Juicy [the club night] on tour, which is going well. I was initially working on an eco-friendly clothing line but now I’ve honed it down to working on an eco-friendly shoe line because I’m obsessed with shoes.

Who would you say you’re closest to from the show, both seasons combined?
Absolutely, hands down, Rose Garcia. She is one of my closest friends. She is like my big sister. She’s kind of looking for love and working on her business. One thing that’s unfortunate that they didn’t showcase too much on the show is how much of a businesswoman she is. Her business is really taking off and doing really well right now. She’s a ladies's lady. I think we’ve high-fived and switched roles so she’s working that angle right now and I’m domesticated and cupcake-making. But I’m still really close with Nikki and Jill, and Cori and Kacy.



During the second season we spent a lot of time watching Cori and Kacy on their couch, talking about sperm. Tell me they’re pregnant.
I can say this officially because they’ve tweeted about it. They are pregnant! They haven’t given birth yet. I’m very excited about that. It’ll be good to have a baby within the lesbian circle.

You haven't been officially confirmed as part of the cast for season three. If you were to be in season three, what could we expect?
There would definitely be some interesting things that I’ve been saving that would be very unexpected and very different.


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