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10 Pet Goodies to Spoil, Pamper and Glam Your Pet

Fur baby finery for your most special of sidekicks.

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One of the best things about owning a pet—besides the whole love, affection companionship and special bond stuff—is being able the spoil them rotten. I mean, who can resist the look on their furry little faces as they light up with excitement over a new toy, or watching them lounge contentedly in a new bed or perch? Plus, with so many amazing items out there to thrill, accessorize and pamper your furry, scaled or feathered friends, it’s just so easy to do. Trust me, we’re experts. So, soup to nuts, whiskers to butts, we’ve got the lowdown on the goodies that are sure to please your most precious sidekick.



1. Little Monster
Who said only dogs can play dress up? Hand- crafted and vegan-friendly, these adorable pet hats also come in devil, bear, unicorn and more. ($24, etsy.com/shop/xmoonbloom)



2. Take a Ride
Cart your critter around in style with the adorably cheeky mom bus pet carrier. Tricked out wheels and rhinestone headlights will have your furry friend riding in style. Plus, plenty of pocket space means you don’t have to cart around a purse, too. ($90, mommybus.com)



3. Litter Box, Redefined
If you never thought you could get (really) excited about a litter box, then you’ve never heard of ModKat. Roof top access means you’ll never have to deal with litter being kicked out of the box. A reusable liner makes for great eco and economical sense. Plus its sleek design comes in a variety of colors so it looks great, too. We’re in love. ($180, modkat.com)



4. Extreme Kibble
You’ll be serving breakfast with a side of street cred with this upstyled skateboard pet feeder. The raised bowls help with digestion and the board makes them look good to their puppy buddies. Sounds like a win-win. ($75 and up, etsy.com/shop/SkateDogStudios)