Apr 16, 2010
12:38 PM

Ear to the Ground for Queer in Baltimore

Ear to the Ground for Queer in Baltimore

When I received an invitation from the Baltimore tourism folks to go down there for the LGBT show-and-tell weekend I thought: “What the hell is special about Baltimore?” The first time I had gone to Baltimore it was in high school traveling for an ASA softball tournament. All I saw of the city was fields. I missed a fly ball in the ninth inning which cost the team the tournament.

So quiet.

I did not have pleasant feelings about the place, but I decided to accept, because I was intrigued. There must be something about the city besides softball fields! Also, with other bright stars crowding it out on the eastern seaboard — New York, D.C. and Boston — there might something about the city that everyone is missing.

The patriotism is overdone.


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