Natalie WyldBrisbane based songstress and proud Lipstick lesbian Natalie Wyld recently teamed up with well-known rapper Switch to release a steamy music video for her saucy new single You Make Me Wanna on April 24th.

This video will take you on a journey of burlesque, sexual tension and sensuality. It will really ‘make you wanna’.

Natalie Wyld hit the original music scene back in 2016 while dropping her first single and music video Hot for Women.

Since then, Natalie has had a strong presence in the LGBTQ+ community. Last year, Natalie performed at Big Day right before the Veronicas and even had the pleasure of dancing on stage with them afterwards. Natalie headlined at Brisbane’s Pride fair day in 2016 and 2017 and is a regular performer at Scarlet (Brisbane’s largest lesbian club).

Since October last year Natalie has been releasing songs one by one for her first ever EP Unleashed. The E.P contains some strong themes about breaking free of anything holding you back in life and shares some of Natalie’s personal experiences and emotions from her life.

Natalie says
“I love how with music we can take our deepest emotions and experiences then turn them into something beautiful”.

With Natalie’s powerful vocals and sassy “tell it how it is” song writing, Unleashed is already pricking up ears with catchy tunes and explicit lyrics like “They put you in a system like a robot – wake the f#$k up!”

Natalie’s music genre is a mix of 90’s nostalgia, with modern Pop & RNB elements. She draws influence from 90’s – 00’s music with some of her biggest inspirations including Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Maroon 5 & Mariah Carey.

This millennial mayhem is igniting the music world in her own way and is about to blow it up.

How do you feel about being an out lesbian artist in the music industry?

I feel as though as part of the LGBTQ+ community there hasn’t really been much representation or at least positive representation of lesbians in the music industry.
Back when I was younger and came to the realisation that I was gay the only lesbians in the media I had to look up to were TATU (who weren’t actually lesbians). I loved their music, but they painted a picture of a very painful existence in their videos. This was quite upsetting for me during that time as I was discovering my sexuality and struggling to deal with my religious background.

As a result I feel inspired now with own music to always be out and proud about my sexuality so I can provide a positive and empowering image for other lesbians who are finding themselves in this crazy world. I don’t want anyone to feel they are alone in their struggles. I just wanna be like, “I got your back girls!”.

Why do you enjoy writing and singing music?

Music is literally like therapy to me; I have always expressed my feelings through song and by letting out that raw emotion and truth I always feel lighter. That’s why the majority of what I write comes from a passionate and usually intense emotional place within me. If I don’t feel anything strongly, I don’t write about it, there isn’t much point in that for me. I want to share with people my feelings honestly and openly so hopefully some people can relate, connect and can express themselves too!

So tell us a bit about your new E.P.

My E.P is called Unleashed and it’s literally about setting yourself free from different things that are holding you back in life. Maybe there are things that hold you back from happiness and that prevent you from unleashing your passion. I cover a few different topics in my songs including freeing yourself from toxic relationships, breaking out of the rat race, unleashing your sexuality and unmasking lies. I have released 4 out of 5 songs from this E.P so far and have one more to go! Keep an ‘ear’ out!

What about your new music video?

I am so excited for this video as I have teamed up with a very talented cast and crew. I worked with some gorgeous dancers, a local Brisbane rapper Switch and an amazing production company called Short Stack Productions. Everybody brought their own unique style to this video to make it something special. The storyline involves Switch and I flirting with each other in a vintage style bar and feeling the tension that builds when your attracted to someone. Fun fact – we end up in the pouring rain in this video which was freezing to film but so much fun!

So what’s next for Natalie Wyld?

Well, I’m getting super creative while in quarantine which is giving me lots of time to write songs. I’m excited for when it’s safe to hold events again so I can perform some of my new music live and keep doing what I love.

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