Two sexy women in love. One violent criminal act. Set in the worlds of law and rock n roll. Designed to expose and abolish the Homosexual Advance Defence.

Stars JOHN JARRATT (Wolf Creek/ Django Unchained/ Picnic at Hanging Rock/ Baz Luhrmann's Australia) and a young ensemble cast of Graduates from NIDA and the American Academy of Dramatic Art. 

DEFENCES is a sexy love story between two women that challenges the homophobic bias found in provocation law in the UK, USA and Australia.

Did you know that perpetrators of Gay Hate Crimes are getting away with murder?

The Homosexual Panic/ Advance Defences in our legal system provide killers of innocent people with a defence to murder if their victims are gay. 

In making this film-reviews we are doing our part to create awareness of and get rid of these homophobic defences. 

DEFENCES promotes homosexuality as not only acceptable and normal but as desirable and sexy. 


Abi, a young law student and aspiring rock singer falls in lust with her criminal law lecturer, Anne. An affair ensues. Abi's friends are fascinated. The law faculty is challenged. Abi's boyfriend, Matt is incensed – and nothing can quell his anger.


The Rock n Roll style you will see in DEFENCES!


Set in Sydney, Australia in the opposing worlds of Law and Rock n Roll, DEFENCES explores the passions that provoke, the passions that inspire love, the passions that fuel hatred, and the war within over whether to be ruled by your heart or your head.


DEFENCES makes an extremely important social and legal point and has attracted a fantastic cast and crew.

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