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Director, Acc. Spec. (Family)
When I was in my last year of school in the late 1970’s I was an elected member of the Student Representative Council. At one of our first meetings the Principal of the school was invited to attend. When at that meeting the Principal sought to take over the meeting as chair-person, I challenged his right to do so, as he was a guest at the invitation of the student group. I will never forget how red he went before his loud verbal response to that challenge! Nor will I forget how I felt about having challenged him and the absolute conviction that it was the right thing to do. This has not changed. What has changed is that I have learnt to finesse my approach.
After I left school I enrolled in an Arts Degree at Sydney University majoring in philosophy and government. My love of constructing an argument and advocating a position honed during my Arts courses led me to the study of law. I completed a combined Arts/Law Degree at Sydney University in 1985.
My commitment to advocating a position has not changed. My 27 years of legal practice, 25 of those in Family Law, has seen me advocate for many positions, all with the needs and rights of my client uppermost in my mind. A comprehensive understanding of the way the system works (legal and otherwise) and a commitment to a party’s right to be heard and understood have informed my approach.
I have been an Accredited Specialist since 1996, an ICL since then also and have acted in complex parenting matters including international and national relocation matters and cases involving allegations of abuse, mental illness and drug and alcohol issues. I also have years of experience in complex property matters including valuations of businesses, inheritances and Child Support issues.
Many times separation is the first time that a party has an involvement with the legal process. My experience and commitment means that you are in capable hands. I can assist a settlement or if not attainable, strongly advocate to achieve the best result.