Better’ is accompanied with a music video that expresses the importance of self-acceptance.

The mysterious California based electronic duo Soto Voce introduced the world to their unique sound with the release of the debut single ‘Better’ earlier this month.

Kenny Soto and Miguel De Vivo first came together after bonding over being outcast by mainstream societal rules.  Soto, a transgender woman, said, “I remember being five or six and knowing I was going to a new school tomorrow, and I would pray two things even before I knew what gay was: That they wouldn’t call me gay and I wouldn’t get beaten up.”

The first single, ‘Better’, encompasses the idea of self-acceptance, acknowledgement, and mental sanity. 

De Vivo expressed, “It’s the idea that we can be better than our past, and what ramifications and closure come with being ‘better’.”

Although Soto Voce has a very limited online presence, their single has already hit 31K plays on Soundcloud since its release in July.

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