Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not answered here, please email us and ask!

How do I contact the Subscription Service Center?

You can go to the Subscription Service Center portion of the website and fill out the requested information as indicated.  Or use the contact information here:

PO Box 17138
N. Hollywood, CA 91615-9791
(800) 705-0070 (toll free in U.S. only)
(818) 286-3102
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m.—5 p.m. Pacific Time

What are my digital subscription options?

You can subscribe to 2 different digital types: Our Desktop version, which is based on the print publication. Please click here

And Curve Interactive - our interactive publication, which is available through APPLE , AMAZON  & GOOGLE

Where is my Print subscription?

A Curve magazine subscription to a U.S. address takes approximately 6—8 weeks to start. A Canadian subscription takes 8—10 weeks, while an international subscription takes 10—12 weeks for delivery of your first issue.

Note: Curve publishes 6 issues a year. 

I did not get a print issue. What can I do?

Please contact the Subscription Service Center. Their information is at the top of the FAQ page.
When you contact them include your full name as it appears on your subscription and your address. It would also be helpful if you knew the volume and issue number or the month and year of the last issue you received.

How do I change my address?

Go to the Subscriber Service Center portion of this site and complete the appropriate information related to “Change of Address.”  Or you can contact them by using the information at the top of this FAQ page.  IMPORTANT: Anytime you move you need to notify the Subscription Service Center of your address change. The USPS will not forward magazines even if you have filed a change of address with the USPS.  It takes several weeks for the change of address to go into effect.

How is the magazine mailed?  

Curve magazine is mailed discreetly. The magazine comes in a form-fitting, black, opaque plastic wrapper. Each issue is printed and mailed out in one large batch. Due to cost and time constraints we cannot mail out the magazine in plastic for one customer and then no plastic wrapper for another. The black plastic obviously obscures the content of the magazine and is necessary for some women who are not out. It also serves another purpose—it keeps the magazine from getting damaged in the mail. 
We realize that you may not want the plastic due to waste issues or are "out and proud" but for now all magazines are sent that way and hope this explanation suffices.

Where can I buy Curve?

 Curve is available at thousands of retail outlets including: Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hastings, B. Dalton and Virgin Records, along with many independent women’s, gay and lesbian bookstores. The grocery stores Lucky and Albertsons carry Curve as well.  

How do I cancel my subscription?

Contact the Subscription Service Center and let them know you want your subscription cancelled and when it should take effect. You can also contact them by going to the Subscription Service Center portion of the website or see the information at the top of this FAQ page.

I want to cancel a gift subscription. How do I do that?

 Gift subscriptions cannot be cancelled or refunded to the person that purchased the subscription. Once the gift has been given it is the property of gift recipient. If the gift recipient wants to cancel she may contact the Subscription Service Center. 

I accidentally ordered Curve by mistake but I wanted a different magazine. What should I do? 

Contact the Subscription Service Center immediately, preferably by phone  toll-free (800) 705-0070. See the top of this FAQ page for contact information. You can also contact them by going to the Subscription Service Center portion of this site.

I think I am having a mail delivery problem. What should I do?

If you are continuing to miss issues you may have a mail delivery problem. Problems could include mail theft, an incorrect address, damaged mail, or censorship issues in foreign countries or prisons. All these problems can be resolved by contacting the Subscription Service Center immediately, preferably by phone toll-free (800) 705-0070. See the top of this FAQ page for contact information. You can also contact them by going to the Subscription Service Center portion of this website.

How can I purchase subscriptions or back issues with checks or money orders?

All check and money orders must be payable to Curve or Outspoken Enterprises and payable in US dollars. Please include your name and shipping address for the subscription. Include a phone or email address if possible incase a problem or question arises. If you want to use a check or money order please do the following:

  • Keep a record of your check or money order in case it gets lost or stolen. Write on the BACK of the check or money order “for deposit only.” That way, if it gets lost or stolen in the mail, it cannot be cashed.
  • For non-U.S. accounts please send an international money order made out in U.S. dollars. Make check or money order out to Curve or Outspoken Enterprises Inc.  
  • Subscriptions and back issues already include all tax, shipping and postage fees in the price. 
  • Send subscriptions to:  Curve  Attn: Subscription Dept. P.O. Box 17138  N. Hollywood, CA 91615-9791
  • Indicate clearly for both subscriptions and back issues where the item(s) are to be sent. With back issues include as much information as possible for example: Volume 18 #4 May 2008 with Rose Rollins on the cover.
  • Please allow 2–3 weeks for delivery of all back issues and Shop order. 

Note: Never send cash through the mail. Curve is not responsible for lost or stolen checks or money orders.

What are the Curve Shop delivery details?

Back issues and subscriptions can be sent to PO boxes. Other items sold from the Curve Shop cannot be sent to PO Boxes.
Orders are sent out standard shipping unless otherwise specified. All international orders are shipped via Air Mail.
All transit times are subject to product availability.

English is not my primary language, so I do not understand an email or part of the Curve website. What can I do?

Please go to the Babel Fish website. It translates text if you have difficulty understanding our website or an email. There you can translate from English to many other languages. 

Where is my back issue or other Shop item? 

Please allow 2–3 weeks to receive your back issues or other Shop items. For inquiries concerning your order you can contact the Shop at (415) 863- 6538 ext. 16, or email
Include the following information if available when making an inquiry: full name as it appears on the order, address, the email address you used on your order, the order number, date of order, a contact phone and/or email address. A good time to call and whether a voicemail can be left or not.

What is the refund policy?

Shop items are not refundable. This includes back issues, T-shirts and any other item currently on sale in the Shop.
Subscriptions must be cancelled through the Subscription Service Center. A partial refund may be given but the amount deducted will be at the newsstand rate ($4.95 U.S., $5.50 Canada, and $9.95 International). NO refunds will be given on subscriptions after the third issue is mailed out.

Can prisoners order Curve?

We welcome everyone to become a Curve reader. Prisoners can definitely purchase Curve. Sometimes customers order Curve when really trying to find a magazine entitled "American Curves," a publication featuring women in swimsuits. We are not associated with "American Curves" in any way. 
At times prisoners might not get their magazine when it is held back by prison officials due to censorship. These rules vary with each prison institution and Curve has no control over this event.

I did not receive my DVD order or I have a question about it. Whom do I contact? 

Please contact Wolfe Video about all DVD questions:
(800)  438-9653 toll-free phone
(408) 268- 6782 phone
Wolfe Video
PO Box 64
New Almaden, CA 95042

I have a question about my Curve Personals. Whom do I contact?

Contact Curve Personals:
Visit the Curve Personals Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ)