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1. Turn Me On
9 reasons to shed some light on your sex life.
article 100 %
2. Eleven Taboos to Try Tonight
Does your sex life need sprucing up? Here are 11 NSFW hot tips from Curve's sexy sex expert.
article 100 %
3. Relationship Relapse
Is it ever okay to redate your exmate?
article 100 %
4. Safer Sex on the Sexual Spectrum
A new safer-sex guide for every queer identity.
article 100 %
5. The Art of Sexual Intimacy
Dr. Glenda Corwin turns “lesbian bed death” into lovin’ lesbian sex.
article 100 %
6. Gender Turbulence
The TSA's new policy may have you dressing in drag.
article 100 %
7. Feeling Strap-Happy
Your harness shopping guide.
article 100 %
8. Menage-a-Box
How To: Having a lady-loving threesome.
article 100 %
9. 5 Hours to a Blissful Partnership
Making hetero marital therapy theories work for us.
article 100 %
10. Breaking the Bathroom Binary
Alex Smith, a San Francisco-based queer/transgender artist and activist, tells Curve about the "trials and tribulations of a boi's bathroom". His large-scale, oil-on-steel, five-piece series (one shown here) shows us gender-benders how to avoid getting crap in the crapper.
article 100 %
11. Advice: Sexual Healing
Devi Ward gives us a dose of pleasure medicine for better sex.
article 100 %
12. What Your Sex-Filled Sleep is Telling You.
It's All In Your Dreams!
article 100 %
13. Internationally LGBT article 100 %
14. How Green is Your Sex Life?
A guide to getting sustainable between the sheets.
article 100 %
15. Getting Hitched With Wet For Her’s New Double-Ended Dildo
The more-than civil union.
article 100 %
16. Lube Love
Your guide to getting wet.
article 100 %
17. Sexual Aftercare
Pampering your partner when the ropes come off.
article 100 %
18. Fifty Shades of Gay
Coming out of the kinky closet.
article 100 %
19. The Jelly Green Giant
Tips for taming the jealousy monster.
article 100 %
20. Do You Have 11 Protons? Cause You’re Sodium Fine
Secrets of sexual chemistry.
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2017.01.31 05:36 PM
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