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The Guest House

You never know who is coming to stay at the guest house.


Cute, campy, and kitschy all describe the 2012 movie, The Guest House. Ruth Reynolds and Madeline Merritt star in this fun flick.

Ruth Reynolds plays Rachel, an eighteen year old Goth girl who just got dumped by her boyfriend. Madeline Merritt portrays Amy, a recent college grad who just moved to Los Angeles after taking a job with Rachel’s father. Rachel was grounded for the weekend that Amy arrived, so she had strict orders from her father to show Amy a good time. She does just that.

There is immediate sexual tension and chemistry between the two young girls. Amy is seemingly unaware of it at first, though. Rachel seems almost predatory at first. Yet within hours of meeting, Amy says that Rachel is like her new best friend.

When things begin to heat up, Amy is afraid of blurring the lines between being Rachel’s father’s employee and Rachel’s lover. Rachel helps her to quickly throw those concerns out the window. One night of passion doesn’t lead to regrets. Instead, the two embark on a jam-packed, whirlwind, romantic weekend. They see the sights of LA, they explore each other sexually, and open each other up to new experiences. What takes some couples to reach in a life time, they create in days.

This perfect connection falls apart when Rachel’s father returns home and finds the two together. Not only is he shocked and appalled to see his daughter in a sexual interlude, but it comes out that he had slept with Amy, and was hoping to rekindle things. The two part ways, each feeling completely shattered.

After an unknown amount of time has passed, Amy meets up with Rachel after a performance she gives in San Francisco. At first, things are tense and awkward, as to be expected. But, as with every good fairy tale, we are given our happy ending, and they live happily ever after.

The Guest House is a cute, fun, and highly enjoyable movie. This is a perfect light-hearted, feel good movie for fun weekend entertainment.

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