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Starting From Now Final Season Coming Soon

Have you seen this excellent web series from Down Under?



Aussie babes, a lesbian love triangle, and lots of drama. What more could you ask for? Starting From Now is a free lesbian web series that is releasing its last season soon! This means if you haven’t started watching, now is the time to binge watch all four seasons and catch up, which will only take about four hours. 

Starting From Now was written, directed, and produced by Julie Kalceff, who has won numerous awards for her short films, such as The Newton Girls, which screened in over 190 countries.

The storyline of Starting From Now introduces its lesbian love triangle right in the first season when Steph goes to live with her friend Kristen and instantly falls for Kristen’s partner, Darcy. Their love story is told, along with those of all the other eye candy mostly-femme lesbians throughout the four seasons. There’s plenty of dyke drama dealing with work, partners cheating, complicated family situations, and questioning of relationships. Despite its constant cliff hanging plots, the show is also funny and relatable to most queer female audiences.

While the second season continues setting up the character arcs, in the third season, there’s a really cool time jump in the plot. All the characters are reintroduced and the story is told from there. The fourth season continues from the third with an ending that will have you on the edge of your seat, dying for more. 

Watch the trailer below!

More information here

Watch the series on YouTube 

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