Sofia - Perfect Storm

Simply Beautiful....Sofia the Wise.


Hailing from my hometown in London, England; Sofia is a rare find. A young talent who graduating from the prestigious contemporary Berklee College of Music, has been writing and composing since the age of 13.

Sofia has a deep sensibility in her writing and vulnerability in her voice that touch your heart. Her songs give me memories of working on projects with a young Dodi and early evenings spent chilling out with friends catching the up and coming talents at Sunday session open mic nights amongst the indie bars of Glasgow or London.

'Perfect Storm' is dynamically written about a relationship with an unbreakable bond and filled with volatile cracks. Straight to the core of feeling and emotion as all of her writing is, Sofia's message is simple. She knows that she can change the tempo, tone or volume during the storm, but stubbornness whispers in her ear; 'make sure you leave nothing behind on your way out'. But through all of the volume, whispers, and tones, her heart cries out for that silent but warm stillness in love, only to go around again; the 'Perfect Storm'.

The song has impressive percussion with ghost notes through the rhythm and has a steel guitar sound giving a Country feel. Although I would say that Sofia is very much a pop artist, you can hear remnants of the steel guitar through many of her songs along with interesting guitar rifts throughout the instrumentals coming out of nowhere. But somehow it all works and that is the key to this artist.

She is a well developed and professional musician with an amazing talent and artistic nature to match. I am eager to see her doing the rounds at the music festivals and venues in the US this year where she is currently working on her latest EP.

Sofia... a beautiful wise girl, with beautiful wise songs.

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