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Yes! The weekend has finally arrived where I have voluntarily decided to stay at home and hibernate through the oncoming Aussie winter, and although this morning I was highly enthusiastic about it, now, after watching the video for "Party Girl" (feat. Mimi Imfurst), I am well and truly swayed; swapping slippers and warm socks for high heels and a party frock.


JC Cassis and Rony G are the megapop duo that are XELLE and as well as creating much loved hype for holding illegal parties and filming videos on NYC public transport, they are a headlining act having collaborated with some of the most favourite names in pop; Salt n Pepa, Mya and Joan Rivers.


The electro phonics of "Invincible" make me eager to place my handbag in the middle of the dance floor and shuffle around it throwing some shapes with my flamboyantly camp bf's and (shyly) admitting to being a house/ dance music 'veteran', the "Red Flag" remix by DJ Natural States M2K, has me reminiscing about the days of house legend Frankie Knuckles; smoke machines in time with the beat, laser light shows overhead and bass speakers larger than your house (excuse the pun). So it's easy to see why I opted 'out'...of my night in.


Red Flag:



But through all of the 4/4 beats, high vocals, glitz and gorgeous glamour, there is a poignant message from these sexy slaves to the vibe and that is one of self acceptance, empowerment and respect against all the odds. The original "Red Flag" has a reggae undertone with latin american beats and amplifies the issues surrounding Gay rights; controversially the video alternates between XELLE holding a red flag and clips of activists fighting the cause (it particularly reminded me of Russia).


Initially I was drawn to these ladies for their spontaneity and daring dance beats. But it is their commitment and enthusiasm for human equality and respect through creativity, delivery and performance that truly keeps me a fan. When XELLE grace these beautiful shores, have your glitter, eye lashes and courage ready in full support....


...and then, the dance floor 'et al' will be ours, as we too are 'Invincible'.


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