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Out in Michigan

New lesbian band Jane of Arc rocks the Midwest and more.


The up and coming band Jane of Arc, based in Ferndale MI, is making their way on the horizon as the newest lesbian band in the music industry. The band members, Chelsea Carter and Elida Quesada, began their journey in the heart of metro Detroit after meeting on MySpace Music in 2007. This Indie-Acoustic-pop band released their first full-length album titled Freedom in Falling in April 2014 with the help of Solid Sound Recording Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


The folk-rock duo, who have been compared to Tegan & Sara, are also an out and proud lesbian band, and have found that they have made a great impact on many people who have seen them perform, particularly female youth. “There have been times we have been approached by teenage girls after a show,” said Elida, “who thank us for helping them realize that it is OK being who you are, and learning to accept themselves.”


On Jane of Arc’s album Freedom in Falling, you will find a track, which was written at the time when marriage equality was being voted on throughout the country. “When we wrote that song, it felt very important to us for people to know where we stood and still stand on the issue of equality and decided it was time for us to put it out there as much as possible,” said Chelsea. 


The entire album, which features 13 songs, has a raw emotion about journeys through love, life and loss. Each song was specifically chosen from a 35-song catalog from music they have written over the last six years. The talent of Chelsea and Elida is evident: not only do they write and perform their own music, but they also manage themselves in a competitive industry, which is something they also pride themselves on. “We are proud of the direction we are heading because we have done it all ourselves,” said Chelsea. 


Jane of Arc has just been chosen to participate in Breakout Artists, a national competition in which they were hand selected to go on a touring competition with other bands throughout the country. “We are really excited about what the future has in store for us,” says Chelsea. 


For more info on Jane of Arc visit their website: http://janeofarc.com/ or find them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JaneOfArcMusic 

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