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Music Video for “Anatomy of a Love Seen” Released

Runaway gives us more of “Anatomy of a Love Seen”


The official music video release for the Marina Rice Bader debut film “Anatomy of a Love Seen” features Sarah Smith crooning with her gravelly rich voice. “Runaway” is a soft rock and catchy tune that has you thinking of early Melissa Etheridge.  


The video features the two lead actors Zoe and Mal (played by Sharon Hinnendael and Jill Evyn) from the feature film. Having completed their earth shattering movie magic love scene, the two are called back for a re-shoot of “that” scene (see the film) and are seen reconnecting through the song “Runaway”. 


As we get a taste of the movie and the connection the two ladies have for each other we cut to Sarah Smith rocking out with just her guitar. Written by Smith, Pete Ash and Jenniffer Kae, it’s a great song that has you rocking out and singing along to come the chorus.  


The official video coincides with the VOD release of the movie in early November. Exploring love through the eyes of two women who fall in love, whilst on set, in clichéd Hollywood style. It delves into the warts and all aftermath of an on-set love affair now ended. When the two leads are drawn back together for a re-shoot the fun really begins. 

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