Jamie and Jessie are Not Together

Except that they don’t know that.


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Ever have a really deep, strong connection with someone? A friend who understood you like no other? Someone who just gets you? Roommates Jamie and Jessica have that kind of connection. The problem is, they keep missing each other.


They have been friends for years. Through school, acting gigs, and truly discovering themselves as young women, this pair has been inseparable. They have a kinship like no other.


Jamie has big dreams, though. She wants to star on the Great White Way. So it’s time for her to pack up so she can move to New York to be a Broadway star. In the beginning of the film, we discover that her moving plans are suddenly pushed into full speed when her new job requires that she start in two weeks.


As if the change isn’t drastic enough, now both Jamie and Jessie are suddenly in a whirlwind of life, love, lust, and confusion. Miscommunication reigns supreme over their conversations and interactions. Feelings are hurt. Feelings are felt. Feelings are…overwhelming. The two battle their own emotions as well as each other’s.


Jessica is madly in love with Jamie. She pursues other women with the hope of making Jamie jealous. What becomes of it is a very tangled web of emotions and misunderstandings. Day by day, moment by moment, the tension grows exponentially. Everything finally comes to a head at Jamie’s send-off party when Jessica is extremely inebriated, and she speaks her mind.


You might think that would completely kill the relationship. It certainly does change things, but it gives the girls a chance to see, think, explore, and finally come to a resolution. The girls can truly understand who they are individually, and together.


Through dialogue, montages, and song-and-dance, we are told a rather endearing tale of love and friendship.


Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together is a fun, light-hearted look at the depth, complexity, and nature of human relationships. Now available on https://www.wolfevideo.com as an on-demand movie, this gem from 2011 is ready for you to watch right now. So grab a drink, get comfy, and get ready for some fun.



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