Home Is Where The ‘HEARTLAND’ Is

A new lesbian drama feature will fill our hearts with love and hope.


There is quite a buzz stirring in the realm of lesbian cinema all around social media. A new film from Velinda Godfrey and Maura Anderson, Heartland brings us a compelling story about a tragic loss and finding comfort, and love, back home.


The film tells the story of 26 year-old, Lauren who has just moved back in with her mother in suburban Oklahoma after the tragic death of her girlfriend. Her mother believes she is now on “right” path toward a happy and acceptable future with a husband. 


When Lauren’s brother, Justin returns home with his fiancé, Carrie to open up a local winery, Lauren becomes eager for a distraction and offers her artistic services to create their wine labels. Immersed in her art, Lauren and Carrie hit the road to find authentic images of Oklahoma to create the perfect wine bottle. Their friendship ignites a passion within and sparks a sexual affair that can’t remain a secret for long. 


This isn’t you’re same old run of the mill lesbian flick with tragic ending or where the so-called “straight” female falls for the lesbian. It’s about real life. How things can change for the better and become something magical. Where looking to the uncertainty for answers and for solace might be the best way to live. 


Heartland has become a popular project to support among social media sites. On Twitter, celebrities like Julia Stiles, Sarah Paulson and Michael Rosenbaum have offered their interest and support toward the film’s Indiegogo campaign. 


The film is in the production stages but needs help to finish its completion. The production team is hoping to shoot, on location, in Oklahoma in early 2015. With about three weeks left of their fundraising campaign they are about a third of the way to their $150,000 goal. 



Filmmaking has always been an expensive business and process. The campaign was put in place after the realization that their original budget was too small. The production team, along with the actors, are confident that this film has the full potential of being a great piece of cinema for the times; and after viewing the trailer and the Indiegogo campaign video I can honestly say the same. 


Let’s help get this amazing film made! 


If you want to see something original that speaks from the heart than search no further. Heartland is sure to leave a lasting impression that will span for decades to come.


If you would like more information on Heartland, to view the teaser and to donate please go to:



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