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Do You Have the Fever?

There is an amazingly talented tall woman coming to town, and she’s ready to attack the world with some incredible heart pounding sound.


Britain’s Scarlette Fever is heading to the US to break out her new album Attack of the 6 foot Woman imminently and find out “Who has the fever?” Do you?


After the recent Erasure cover release of “A Little Respect” where she celebrated same-sex marriage legalization in honor of her own coming out last year, Scarlette is ready to shine the light on love as she stands tall and proud in the woman she is.


Twitter fans are raging “How am I just learning this person exists?” and “Always a pleasure!” She begins her Passport Approved West Coast Tour on February the 27th in Phoenix, Arizona at The Rogue Bar and concludes her gift of presence to the US in Seattle, Washington at The Crocodile after visiting Los Angeles, Fresno, Santa Cruz/Carmel, Sacramento and Portland.


Portland, Oregon is sure to put on a particularly impressive welcome for Scarlette and get “the Fever” due to their celebrated lesbian and liberal population.


This will not be the first time Scarlette has stepped foot and sang her heart out for the west coast of America. She has performed at both the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood, California and on Sunset Blvd at the well-known Viper Room. After these shows wrapped up she went on to complete the 2013 EP release of Single White Female with a collaborative production team including: Steve Lironi (Hanson, Bon Jovi), Tommy Faragher (Dusty Springfield, Al Green), Pete Craigie (Bellowhead, Seth Lakeman), and Ash Howes (Texas, Ellie Goulding).


Scarlette sings with passion and a fearless heart. Her new album is a co-production effort between Scarlette and Julian Emery (Lissie), Paul Simm (Neneh Cherry), Cenzo Townshend (Snow Patrol, Florence and The Machine) and Pete Craigie.

Scarlette Fever will have fans dancing, feeling the deep, rhythmic beat of their bursting hearts and dreaming of soaring through time and space both forward and back, in memory and fantasy, from the dreamy lyrics Scarlette delivers.


This tall, incredible Brit is no soft, delicate flower singing in the meadow for love, no. Scarlette’s songs bleed a crimson, root-reaching, earthy penetrating beat of depth, passion and meaning as she blends rock, trance and varied cultural drum rhythms meant to draw one to their feet and dance. Fans beware and prepare to get the Fever, Scarlette is on her way to the West Coast and she’s bringing her womanly love and tall boots to a town near you.


Tour Dates are as follows:

Friday, February 27 - Phoenix (The Rogue)

Sunday, March 1 - Los Angeles (Viper Room)

Monday, March 2 - Fresno (Fulton 55)

Tuesday, March 3 - Santa Cruz/Carmel (The Attic @ The Atrium)

Wednesday, March 4 - Sacramento (The Boardwalk)

Friday, March 6 - Portland (The Doug Fir)

Sunday, March 8 - Seattle (The Crocodile)

Find out more at: www.scarlettefever.co.uk

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