Child’s Play

Nicole Monroe delivers hard-hitting rock songs.


Nicole Monroe

Nicole Monroe’s sophomore EP Just a Kid, with Sharon Road West Music, is sure to enlighten and inspire others. With a guitar, an amazing voice, and stories to share, Monroe describes her music as deep and meaningful. “I put a lot of emotion into my songs, and I want it to be meaningful for all those who are listening to my music.” Her writing encompasses a range of emotions she has experienced throughout her life. “The songs I write allow me to let go of a lot of feelings. I’ve written about feelings that I’ve dealt with as a teenager, during my 20s, and as of now.”

While she is still a young singer-songwriter herself, she has some advice for aspiring musicians. “I would tell them to keep writing and attend as many open mics as possible to allow others to hear their music. One mistake that I think many people make is that we do not tell people about our accomplishments or goals. I would tell these young aspiring artists to inform people about their music—don’t brag, but be humble and real.”

For Monroe, music was a gradual process and from the age of 13 throughout her teen years, she was inspired deeply by Canadian musician and lesbian favorite, Sarah McLachlan. “Music has always been the one avenue in my life that has remained constant and reassuring,” says Monroe. She prefers intimate live venues because they allow her to bond with the audience through telling stories before and after each song. “While on stage I get lost sometimes, so I will often step into the crowd and perform,” she says.

“I believe in the saying that people come into and out of our lives for a reason—similarly so does music,” says Monroe who wants her music to reach those who are in need of listening to deep lyrics during any point in their lives. And Monroe’s hope is that she is listened to and heard. “I would want people to understand me more, and after they listen to my songs say to themselves, ‘I get it.’ ” A year from now, Monroe hopes to continue to inspire people with her music, collaborate with various musicians, and further her musical involvement with charity work.

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