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An Evening With Jen Foster

The singer’s intimate concert in Boston previewed her upcoming studio album, The White Room Sessions.


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Jen Foster needs no introduction. This independent singer/songwriter has left more than just a footprint in the music world, but also in the hearts of thousand of fans across the globe. Her newest opus, The White Room Sessions, is a beautifully selected choice of songs comprised of fan favorites and new original songs. Foster gives the saying “wearing your heart on your sleeve” a whole new meaning.

The pop/rock singer is known to leave no stones unturned when writing songs. Every lyric, every musical arrangement, is as unique as a fingerprint. Put it quite simply, it is impossible not to fall in love with her music. She has been compared at times to Annie Lennox, even Cher, but rightfully so, she is undeniably one of the most authentic singers out there, and very much so her own genre and style.

Foster’s producer, and fellow singer/songwriter/composer, Rich Jacques, opened the show with a few songs from his own albums, some of which have been featured in shows like “Grey’s Anatomy”, various TV commercials and movies. A real treat for the crowd in attendance! Seriously, get to know this guy; he is truly talented! 

Foster followed, and started off with one of her favorite songs, and a fan favorite, “Amen”. Right away, her voice bewitched everyone. She put everyone under a spell with her presence, vulnerability and sincerity.

“It’s hypnotic for me,” she told Curve in an exclusive interview. “I know a lot of artists say this, but it truly is like I flip a switch and go into another world, or another being, on stage. I love how different it is from my daily life, where I typically hide out and keep to myself.  Being on stage is a time to connect with people and bring all the emotion that is inside of me out. It's a release, for sure. And I actually love the feeling when the show is done, also, because it's fun to go out and talk to people and hear the feedback. (Of course, I'm especially a sucker for the flattery and compliments,” she laughs.

Amid having had difficulties with her voice during rehearsals, she didn’t show it, and it certainly did not stop her from gracing us with her amazing vocal talent. Foster is one of those singers who has mastered her instrument to perfection. She even pulled a Whitney Houston during the show on December 13, pulling the microphone far away from her mouth and she could still be heard her as if it was right in front of her! Foster’s got some serious pipes!

Her new double-album is a beautiful selection of fan favorites, re-imagined songs, and a brand new slate of original songs. Through this album, we get to rediscover the songs that made us fall in love with her music, but also new songs that shows her growth, both professionally and personally, to which she says, “The making of The White Room Sessions spanned over such a long period of time (5 years from beginning to end) that I think I experienced just about every emotion possible in between!  I honestly didn't realize I would be making a double record when I made that first trip to Los Angeles to record with Rich Jacques.  But it was such a creative high for me, being in that world with Rich and a handful of his songwriter/musician friends, that I was hooked and knew I had to come back.  And I did, again and again, until we had so many songs that a double record was the only option!  The thing about the experience making this record is that I felt incredibly safe and comfortable expressing my vision, while also feeling pushed, or challenged, to new heights.  That's a great combination for me to create my best songs.”

Songs like “Hide”, “Secondhand Love”, “This House we built” and a remix version of “I Just Didn’t Kiss Her” (which, let’s be honest, we all chuckled thinking; “This is how you do it, Katy Perry!”), are just a few of the many songs included on her upcoming album, which will be officially released in the Spring of 2016, along with the kick-off of her official tour.

“I'm super-excited about playing live, especially the way we are planning to do it: with some of the musicians who actually played on the project,” reveals Foster. “I just love playing with these guys. They are tasteful, restrained musicians who really think about how to play the music to frame the messages of the songs.  My songs are so much about the story, or the lyric, and so I really appreciate the attention that these guys give to how they play their parts.  As far as what I hope to accomplish, my biggest hope is to lay my heart and soul out there and really move people!  My shows are usually pretty dynamic; emotionally speaking, and I like it that way.  I mean, that's the best any artist can hope for: to leave people with something they remember.”

After the show was over, everyone stayed around to greet the singer and share the emotions felt throughout the night’s performance. Something Foster looks forward to after each show.

“I love hearing from people, especially when they have nice things to say,” laughs Foster. “Who doesn't? Let's get real! Seriously, yes, it's a great feeling when people let you know how the songs have touched their lives or even just brightened their day. I am so fortunate to have an incredibly loyal and passionate fan base out there who really supports me and builds me up.  I think they must sense from my music that I need it a lot :)!”

If you haven’t had a chance to meet Foster yet, please do yourself a favor and go see her on tour, buy her music and let yourself be charmed! She is absolutely one of the most genuinely grateful, big-hearted person you can ever wish to meet. And she has a wicked sense of humor too!

To sum up, Foster’s on-stage presence is mesmerizing; it truly feels like being transported on a journey to musical heaven! The new album will be such a treat for her fans who have been waiting for new music, since her last EP release in 2009, and will absolutely please both old-time fans, and newer ones who are discovering the singer’s incredible collection of songs she has released throughout the years.

Check out Jen Foster at: jenfoster.com and follow her on Facebook:  facebook.com/jenfostermusic.

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