A Microscopic Evaluation of the Complexity of Love

Even studs cry...


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Every once in a while, you come across a movie that is a feel good story, as well as a deep and moving one. Stud Life is just that.


JJ is a lesbian. Her best friend and photography partner, Seb, is also gay. As they photograph weddings, and the world around them, they both look for love as well. Their photography business introduces them to many interesting characters, both good and bad.


Through photographs, video blogs, and story-telling, we see the world through their eyes. We see their perceptions of love, lust, and life. We see their perception of each other, and even of themselves. It is deep, real, and emotional.


JJ meets Elle, a stunning woman who ignites her passion, but also pushes her boundaries. Seb meets Smack Jack, a young, energetic man who works his way into Seb’s heart. What’s beautiful about this is that we’re actually watching these two different love stories. We see each one ebb and flow in its own time and its own way. We explore how their romances affect their friendship. The connections between all four are exceptionally deep. It is incredible to watch.


Life does not sugar coat anything for these two. We watch them fall in love; we watch them fall into the hatred and anger of others. We watch their romances blossom and fall apart. We watch their friendship bond and unravel. We watch their lives – moreover, we watch their personal evolutions.


This movie is quite powerful; it does not shy away from showing us the true struggles of the LGBT community in love and in life. Its honesty is a beautiful gift to the story line. It is perfectly executed. It is a well written and very well acted film. Perhaps the greatest part of this story is the message that love isn’t always easy, but it does conquer all.


Stud Life is an engaging, interesting, and powerful movie. It will put a smile on your face, as well as a tear in your eye. It is a beautiful film. This is the movie you want to watch this weekend.


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