Wentworth Star Kate Jenkinson And Celebrity Personal Trainer Torri Shack Together?

Adorable couple selfies have been spotted on Instagram.



Hold onto your fedoras, girls, because I have mind blowingly awesome news. After some hardcore social media stalking, I am 99.9% sure that Kate Jenkinson, who plays Bee's lesbian love interest in Wentworth, is romantically involved with Torri Shack, celebrity trainer extraordinaire with a client list including everyone's favorite bisexual Spice Girl, Mel B.

For anyone who has been watching Season 4 of Australia's best prison drama, the brilliance of this revelation cannot be overstated. For anyone who hasn't, you need to get your priorities in order because Wentworth rocks.

Kate's one of us! She sees the beauty in women and not just in a boring, platonic way! That gorgeous, kickass, mega-talented chick off Wentworth likes girls! I am virtually high-fiving all of you right now.

So where's the evidence? All over Instagram, that's where. Adorable couple selfies, romantic trips to Cancun, hell, Torri's taken Kate home to meet the family. See for yourself by following @katejenko

There are pics of the genetically blessed twosome kissing, brunching and sunbathing together. Torri's posted a status saying, "In a relationship with Allie Novak," which is Kate's character's name in Wentworth. Kate shared a flawless selfie of her and Torri with the caption, "You had me at 'Do you like sweet potato fries?'" Great taste in women and food - could you get any better, Jenko? The truth seems to be staring us all in the face. One half of Ballie is totally queer.

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This article was originally published on the Diva website

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