School Children Given Anti-Marriage Equality Leaflet Disguised As A Gift

School bus driver handed out golden envelopes they thought were presents.


A message on the front read ‘to the wonderful people who care for me. Merry Christmas.’

But many parents were shocked to discover that they contained anti-gay marriage leaflets from the Marriage Alliance.

Marriage Alliance identifies itself as a grassroots movement that ‘educates Australians about the consequences of same sex marriage on our lives.’ The leaflets also criticized the Safe Schools Coalition.

Up to ten drivers are believed to have been involved in handing out the envelopes to students from Kyabram P-12 College, north of Melbourne, on Wednesday as they made their way home from school.

The information claimed students could be taught about gender and sexual diversity without parental consent or knowledge and said the Safe Schools program used ‘a cover of anti-bullying to promote gender ideology.’

Kyabram College principal Stuart Bott advised parents the pamphlet did not represent the school’s position on marriage equality but confirmed a ‘member of the community’ had distributed the letters to bus drivers.

Marriage Alliance said they didn’t authorize the pamphlets’ distribution and a volunteer was responsible.

“This was not an action that was part of a campaign from Marriage Alliance and is not condoned or endorsed by Marriage Alliance,” a spokesperson told BuzzFeed. “This action was taken by an individual who has since been contacted regarding this matter.”

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