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Real Estate Service Recognizes Cities With LGBTQ Leadership As Great Places To Live

GayRealEstate.com Recognizes Palm Springs, and Cities With LGBTQ Leaders, As Places Spearheading Regional Progress and Great Areas To Live


Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash


GayRealEstate.com, a service which connects buyers and sellers with compatible agents, recognizes cities, like Palm Springs, as areas advancing progress in the United States, in each of their respective regions. The group works with extensively vetted agents, in these areas and others, to provide clients with a real estate team that understands the unique needs of LGBTQ individuals.


Legal protections and overall LGBTQ-friendliness can greatly impact how comfortable LGBTQ individuals feel in an area and vary greatly, not only by state but also by city. For example, Texas comparatively has few protections but, within the state, there are gay and trans-friendly cities, like Houston and Austin. GayRealEstate.com recognizes that having LGBTQ representation in local government positions can influence how regions prioritize equitable treatment and legal protections in communities.



The GayRealEstate.com team recently paired their knowledge of the regions they serve with data collected to identify San Francisco, Boston and Seattle as the areas which host the most prosperous and thriving LGBTQ communities. In 2018, the agency facilitated the greatest number of real estate transactions in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Fort Myers, Orlando, Tampa, Albuquerque and Denver. Many of these areas are regions with LGBTQ representation in positions of governance.


One city where the concept (of representation facilitating progress) is affirmed is Palm Springs, which has been identified as one of the best areas in the country for LGBTQ individuals to thrive. On June 11, 2018 California’s State Senate and Assembly recognized Palm Springs for electing the nation’s first all-LGBT city council, according to an article published in the Desert Sun. Since December 2017, Palm Springs’ council has consisted of three gay men, a transgender woman and a bisexual woman: Mayor Robert Moon, Mayor Pro Tem J.R. Roberts, and Councilmembers Geoff Kors, Lisa Middleton and Christy Holstege.


Other examples of how representation has impacted regional progress can be found in Jackie Biskupski, mayor of Salt Lake City, Jenny Durkan, mayor of Seattle, Javier Gonzales, former mayor of Santa Fe, Steve Pougnet, former mayor of Palm Springs, Annise Parker, former mayor of Houston, Kenneth Reeves, former mayor of Cambridge, Mass., E Denise Simmons, former mayor of Cambridge, Mass., Jared Polis - Colorado’s first Gay Governor, and many other LGBTQ individuals who have served in local government.


The GayRealEstate.com team works to identify the best LGBTQ-friendly cities and communities in each state and region of the country and cultivates relationships and deep networks in each, so as to provide their clients the support they need to find ideal residency. With more than 25 years as the industry leader, GayRealEstate.com continually strives for the protections of all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification, and will continue to advocate for the full and equal treatment of all individuals, in real estate markets and all areas of life.



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