It Really Pays To Be Gay

A UCLA research study has found that marriage equality would boost Oregon economy $47.3 million!



Think beautiful bouquets of flowers, gourmet catering, a reserved venue to hold all of your friends and family, and professional photographers catching every wonderful moment of you and your beloved getting married; add all the other wonderful trappings and services that go into your dream wedding and you have a win-win situation for both you and the state you get married in.

A recent independent research report conducted by UCLA’s Williams Institute has found that by allowing same-sex couples to marry, it would boost Oregon’s economy by $47.3 million over the first three years alone, and would generate 468 new jobs in the state.

The study was released April 14th, 2014, and it uses data from sources like the 2010 Census and the American Community Survey. It estimates that 5,887 Oregon gay and lesbian couples will on average spend $6,399 on their weddings. So why wouldn’t a state want to open their arms and hopefully their minds when it comes to marriage equality? It’s time to shine some light on what a positive impact equality can have on the economy of the state to which its LGBT members are a part of.

At least 166 caterers, photographers, wedding planners and other wedding professionals who make up the Wedding Professionals United for Marriage coalition gathered to celebrate the news during a Marriage Equality Debut Reception at the Tiffany Center in Portland, Tuesday April 15th. At the reception, the wedding professionals endorsed marriage for same-sex couples and showed off the products and services that they look forward to offering gay and lesbian couples once Oregon wins the freedom to marry.

Next week, a federal judge in Eugene will hear final arguments in a legal case challenging the constitutionality of Oregon’s law that excludes gay and lesbian couples from marriage. Since the Supreme Court struck down part of the “Defense” of Marriage Act last year, 11 of 11 judges have ruled in favor of the freedom to marry and 61 cases are pending around the country.

Fingers crossed for yet another state to join the ranks of those who recognize same-sex marriages, as well as all of the beautiful marriages and state-recognized joining of souls to come.

Check out the full report on the economic benefits of same-sex marriages on the state of Oregon:

Info: Oregon United for Marriage

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