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Filmmaker Stefanie van Wijks wants you for her documentary.


Photo by Vanilla Bear Films on Unsplash


Dear Curve readers,


My name is Stefanie van Wijk. I am a 25-year-old filmmaker from The Netherlands and specialized in European culture, feminism and LGBTQ+.


My latest film project portraits the diversity of LGBTQ+ women worldwide. I am combining footage of women answering questions such as ‘how safe is it to come out of the closet’, ‘are you able to marry in your country’, ‘are there any safe spaces nearby’ in front of a camera. Furthermore, I am interviewing women at LGBTQ+ events and places (bars, pride, clubs etc.).


The overall idea of the movie is to give some insight into the life of LGBTQ+ women. What are the differences between all of them and what are the common grounds? Furthermore, this will provide some insight into what still must change in order to enhance the position of this minority within a minority. 


To realize this project, I am looking for women who would like to contribute to the movie. Either by directly participating through being interviewed/talking about the topics in front of their own camera or by sharing footage of LGBTQ+ related events such as pride, gatherings, bars/clubs etc from their home country.


And that is why I am reaching out to your organization. Perhaps there are women in your community that would like to participate and contribute to this project. Either by sharing their personal stories with us or by providing videos or photo’s we may use in the documentary.


Thank you in advance.

Stefanie van Wijk



Contact me via:







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