Magda Szubanski Will Help You Fall In Love With Radio DIVA

Check out the first episode of Radio Diva featuring Magda Szubanski


A new series has made its way into our hearts!

Rosie Wilby, who has presented award-winning LGBT shows Out in South London on Resonance since 2009, has teamed up with the newly relaunched DIVA magazine to create Radio DIVA!

Co-hosted by actress, musician and downright lesbian superstar Heather Peace,t his promises to be a show that everyone can fall in love with, regardless of sexuality and gender.

On the first episode, Heather and Rosie kick off Radio DIVA with a truly international flavor. They are joined by one of Australia’s best-known performers. Magda Szubanski created the iconic character of Sharon Strzelecki in Kath and Kim.

Now, she is in the UK to promote her award-winning new memoir Reckoning.

Take a listen below!


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