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Swing Out, Sister

Menopause getting you down? Pop your cork with Mood Swing Wines!


One day, Mollie Openshaw tried to console her menopausal best friend, Sarina, who was miserable and crying uncontrollably. “All I wanted was to bring a bottle of wine and sit on the couch and just be there and comfort her through it all,” says Openshaw. “I wanted her to laugh.” But while scouring the shelves of her local store, she realized that wine took itself very seriously. Not one label would make Sarina laugh.

Soon, Openshaw found herself waking up in the middle of the night with hot flashes and unable to sleep. Instead of counting sheep she visualized funny wine labels, and branding for varietals that would put a smile on menopausal women’s flushed faces.

And so Mood Swing Wines was born, starting with Memory Lapse Merlot, Covers Off Chardonnay, and Zin-O-Pause. These wines are not overly serious at all; they're casual, fun, delicious, and easy to drink. “All three of my wines are very light. I had them purposefully made that way,” reveals Openshaw.

The reds especially can be enjoyed by non-red drinkers, as they are floral, fruity, and subtle in tannins. “My Zin and my Merlot are very soft on the tongue, and I love that they can be enjoyed anytime.”

As for the funny label, Mood Swing features ‘Aunt Flo,’ who, “in the midst of her hot flash is no nonsense—she rips the fan from the wall, grabs her wine, and if she could sit on a block of ice to cool down, she would,” explains Openshaw.

And women going through the change will be pleased to learn that Aunt Flo is no Skinny Girl. “Most menopausal women are curvy and should rise above the symptoms and feel good about your curves," says Openshaw. "I like to think of myself as all that and three bags of chips and I'm sure it's a fact that just standing in front of the fridge adds 10 pounds to our scale, but I'm not going to get down on myself. It's just part of life. I feel the sexiest I've ever been and the most confident and happy I've ever been, and I say, Thank you, menopause!”

Mood Swing Wines will also be featured in the health, fitness, and travel docuseries Life.Matters, which is hosted by out lesbian Dr. Michelle Gordon. The show focuses enjoyably on women’s issues—regardless of age, race, or sexuality, and is produced by Shannon Lamarche and Christine Fry of QOA Entertainment. It airs on cable this July.

“The show takes us through Spain, riding our bikes through the beautiful mountains of Mallorca, enjoying the culture, wine and food all the while talking about menopause,” says Openshaw. “I'm so fortunate to call all these ladies friends. Michelle, Shannon and Christine have been a wonderful addition to my circle of friends from the get go, they love my wine and have become some of my biggest fans.”

To try Mollie Openshaw’s delicious and uplifting wines click here

To watch Life.Matters click here

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