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Running Towards Pride With Oahu Running Company

Growing up, Erin never really encountered a business that provided empowerment for LGBTQ+ people


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Since opening in 2016, Oahu Running Company has aimed to provide a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community to improve their strength, conditioning, and running, and work on their overall fitness. Their goal has always been to be a company proudly owned and operated by the queer community.


“We found that a lot of the time our population aren't as comfortable as they should be in a big box gym - especially those that are transgender. We wanted to help individuals gain the confidence they desire by giving them the proper tools to go forward and do so.”


While Erin and her wife Rose love training with their clients, the main goal has always been empowerment. They want their clients to go out and be comfortable doing things like training at big box gyms or participating in big races, on their own.



Their company slogan is ‘Training with Aloha. Running with Pride’, and they truly live by this. They participate in in the local Pride Parade/Expo, and are also currently in talks with the Race Director to become a sponsor for the Honolulu Pride Run.



Growing up, Erin never really encountered a business that provided empowerment for LGBTQ+ people. She grew up wanting to provide it for young and old athletes alike. Now, Erin is a Ph.D. candidate (2022) in Health & Human Performance, and both Erin and Rose have Master’s degrees in Exercise Physiology.





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