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Our Argentinean Wedding (Mon)

Getting Married & Getting Away: Newlyweds Sara Everest & Kate McConnell on their Argentine Destination Wedding with Fabulous Weddings!




Marry us, Argentina! Yesterday we established temporary residency at the hotel and got the ball rolling on getting an official marriage license - big and necessary check boxes ensuring our wedding is legit back in the states. Fabulous Weddings hooked us up with an official translator and a couple of local witnesses to be present at the ceremony but I’d like to think if I spoke Spanish, finding witnesses would have been a breeze. People here are genuinely psyched we chose their country to tie the knot! On our way to the courthouse the cab driver, a grandfather-type with rosary beads hanging from his rearview, expressed his sincere enthusiasm for us. He said he wished he could be there to throw rice and I found myself wishing he could be as well!


After a morning of taking care of business we exchanged our dollars for pesos in what felt like a covert operation (Google blue market dollar) and adventured into the city for a late lunch. Sara took the lead on ordering and managed to get us a pizza without any cheese on it – a special talent she has demonstrated before while traveling so it’s quite the running joke now. The ham and cheese sandwich came with all necessary components and to my delight, a hardboiled egg. Best sandwich I’ve ever had.


We got back to the hotel and decided it would be fun to hit a local grocery store for a picnic dinner before a night of dancing. At home that often means cheese, crackers and wine so that’s what we set out to find.  We found crackers okay but had no luck finding sharp cheese that resembles cheddar. Your cheese game is lacking, Argentina, but we won’t hold it against you. Your wine flows like water and we had our fill before hitting the weekly drum phenomenon, Bomba el de Tiempo.


Our wedding planner was keen on knowing what kind of vacation activities would interest us and made thoughtful recommendations when helping us plan our itinerary. Bomba el de Tiempo was her idea and right up our alley. It was an interesting opportunity to mix with the young and energetic and provided us with yet another social challenge – ordering an alcoholic beverage in a concert-like setting. Apparently this act requires two distinct interactions – one with a cashier to pay for the drink and obtain a receipt and another with the bartender who takes said receipt and provides desired beverage. Countless people were involved in helping us figure out this exchange and a crazy game of charades ensued until we had cracked the code. When we finally had, the bartender cheered for us and a second round was offered on the house.


Oh Argentina, how you have amused us today! There’s nothing quite as refreshing as travel to an atypical tourist destination where the service industry isn’t trained to expect English-speaking travelers.


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