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Nordic and Nice

Exploring Scandinavia with a Sapphic slant, starting with Oslo.


Jeanett Healey during a hike in Norway


Have you ever fallen for the myths about the Nordic countries? Do we have licorice? Are polar bears walking the streets?  Is Norway the capital of Sweden? Is everyone blonde? Do we still wear Viking helmets? Does everyone buy their furniture at IKEA? Are we all very comfortable with public nudity and body hair? No. To all of the above. Except the blonde thing. There are a lot of blondes.


You may think our lesbians are like your lesbians. Well you are probably right. Ultimately the final goal is the same, but there are some things to remember. Instead of getting lost and missing signals in a tourist haze, I - a born and bred Norwegian will guide you through the local labyrinth of lesbian life in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Reykjavik and Helsinki. You can´t Google this shit.


Instagram: MLAUVDAL

I've been dumped, kissed, loved, and judged on these streets, not necessarily in that order. We, spawn of the north, can be perceived as a bit cold, but trust me—under our skin it’s like a delicious sauna. Ice breakers: Hiking, skiing, soccer and Lise Karlsnes.


Oslo. The capitol of Norway, fjords and all. 


First you want someplace to stay. Oslo is not huge, so if you stay somewhere close to the central station you are covered. If you want a more local feeling try Airbnb and look for an apartment in Kampen or Grünerløkka. Kampen is like living inside a children's book. And the lesbians are nesting like crazy up there. Grünerløkka is where the hipsters go to reproduce, drink local beer and buy second hand t-shirts. But it's very close to everything and if you are there, be sure to visit Liebling. A cozy little coffeehouse/shop with the most absurd products. Very original.





Kampen Bistro 


Villa Paradiso http://www.smiagalleri.no

Bon Lio http://www.bonlio.no  the drinks here are to die for. I’m not joking


It’s time to hit the town. Your nails are trimmed and your tatts are showing. Music to listen to while getting ready: Susann Sundfør, Josefin Winther, Robyn, Ane Bruun, Emilie Nicolas and Kari Bremnes.


So–for jenter som liker jenter

Cocktails: (gayfriendly)

Postkontoret http://www.cafekontoret.no/

Rebell Thorvald Meyers gate 56

Ryes Thorvald Meyers gate 59



SO for jenter som liker jenter: 

You can´t go to Oslo as a lesbian and not stop by SO. That would be an abomination. SO is the only club in Norway profiling purely as for girls who like girls. And also pulling it off so well. Gorgeous ladies Vichy Ericsson and Fride Moksnes have worked so hard (pun intended) and with a lot of love to make this a place to meet, party, dance, drink, quiz, celebrate and kiss. It's cool to be there after midnight. Not cool: use of stripper pole when shitfaced. Open from Thursday to Sunday (http://www.elsker-oslo.no) 

The Cop and the Captain


Drama is a concept mainly for the lesbians. They change venues from time to time. The parties are great fun, crazy and rare and that's why we need breaks between takes.  They gather all of Oslo's lesbians - even those who rarely go out. (http://www.elsker-oslo.no/)


You are guaranteed to meet your ex, your crush and your nemesis. Put on your Converse sneakers and you´ll be fine. 

Oslo Gay Pride will take place in June 2016. The park is usually located in the city of Oslo and is great fun. This is a small and charming pride festival but the parade grows bigger and bigger every year. www.skeivedager.no

Oslo Fusion Film Festival September 11-18.th 2015. This is a gay film festival hosted by Cinemateket in Oslo. New and old movies showing every day for 7 days. 

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