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Mixing It Up

A couple combines essential oils and cocktails for a healthier happy hour.


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Meet Julez Weinberg and Meredith Kelly, a lesbian power couple who have created prosperity and joy for thousands of wellness advocates throughout the U.S. and overseas. This vibrant duo has built a soaring health and wellness practice with dōTERRA Essential Oils, including cocktails! 


We are all familiar with the idea of essential oils: They contain the very essence—the concentrated odor and flavor—of the plants they were extracted from. You’ve seen essential oils used in candles and lotions, and even in the wellness potions available at your local health food store, but you’ll really be wowed by a cocktail that provides the same immune-boosting properties!


In addition to the couples’ combined four decades of experience in the wellness industry, Julez has recently published a book of her time-tested recipes, using a cadre of healthy elixirs. In The Essential Mixologist she shares 22 of her original, delectable, essential-oil-infused recipes. One of my favorites is The Rebel Purist—imagine blanco tequila, cucumber, fresh lime, jalapeno, and wild orange essential oil! The book dives into the properties of essential oils, the use of other pure ingredients, and the magic of crafting cocktails—or mocktails. All the recipes are great without alcohol too! These cocktails are just part of the alchemy The Essential Mixologist  reveals.

As seen in our Winter Issue.

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