How To Look Amazing In Your Wedding Photos

Elleni Toumpas, professional wedding photographer, tells all.


Elleni Toumpas

Whether you’re an experienced selfie poser or a novice in front of the camera, everyone gets nervous about how they’ll look in their wedding/commitment ceremony photo’s. We asked Melbourne-based wedding photographer, Elleni Toumpas, for her tips & tricks for getting the best out of your photographs on your big day.


You can find your wedding style by checking out wedding blogs. These are a great place to get ideas for your own day and view the work of talented photographers. From here you will get to work out the style you are being drawn to. These websites are a great place to start: Offbeat Bride, Rock N Roll Bride, Equally Wed, Nouba, Polka Dot Bride & Hello May.


Your photographer will work best if they shoot in the style they’re most comfortable with. So go through their website and view their images and read their blog. Can you imagine your wedding shot like one of their albums? If so, you’re almost there.

Next, meet your photographer. You will spend more time with them than with any of your other vendors, so they need to be easy going and fun to be around.


For a lot of couples, your wedding day will be the first time you’ve been in front of a professional photographer. If you’re offered an engagement/pre-commitment shoot as part of your package, say yes. Done about six weeks before your big day, it’s a great way to learn how to work together as a couple. It’s also a chance for your photographer to learn how you both feel most comfortable.

Co-ordinate your outfits for your shoot: wear colors and patterns that go together but aren’t so matchy-matchy you look like you’re in a boy band. And no text or logos on your shirts!


If you don’t usually wear makeup, you won’t feel comfortable in dark lips and thick eye shadow.  However, you will need to wear a solid foundation and nude lipstick for your photographs. A professional makeup artist will usually give you a free trial session as part of your package. You can work with them to give you the coverage you need while ensuring you still look like you.

If you’re comfortable wearing makeup, you’ll need more intense makeup for your photographs. Trial false eyelashes or eyelash extensions.  What looks intense in real life will look normal in front of the camera.


If you’re having a D.I.Y wedding, hand over to a trusted person before the big day, so you can relax and enjoy getting reading with your family and bridal party.  And remember, great photographs take time. So have a few drinks (but don’t get drunk), relax and enjoy the party. You earned it!

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